Business Fiber WAN (Wide Area Network)

If your business requires a private network capable of high-speed data transfer, our Fiber WAN is the answer. Delivered through our 100% fiber optic network, directly to your business, STL Fiberco’s Fiber WAN offers a highly secure connection, as well as the ability to connect to multiple worksites at various scalable bandwidths from 20 Mbps to 1Gig. This flexibility allows your remote sites to share mission-critical, time sensitive content along with graphic-rich files seamlessly across an integrated network. So, whether you are interconnecting two small offices or two large data centers, Fiber WAN is an ideal solution for your business. And, since pricing is NOT based on mileage between eligible locations, Fiber WAN is incredibly cost-effective. Plus, our Fiber WAN is a true Native Ethernet, so no special wiring is required—we’ll even provide a standard Ethernet handoff at no additional cost.