The Next Generation of Phone Technology

Off-site Hosted PBX from STL Fiberco is the future of business phone. With its unbeatable capacity, our fully-managed, innovative, easy-to-use system allows us to offer the kind of big business phone features you want at a price your business can afford. Switch to STL Fiberco’s Hosted PBX today and enjoy benefits like:

No expensive on-site phone system to maintain –

STL Fiberco’s Fiber HPBX service is hosted off-site at our Data Center. So you won’t incur any annual maintenance or labor costs.

A dedicated connection –

Your phones operate on a separate, private, dedicated 100% fiber connection, so you won’t have to sacrifice Internet bandwidth because of your phone traffic—or share your capacity with other users.

Security & reliability –

All call processing takes place at our secure, redundant, data centers, where our dual-server architecture allows for instant switchover to a standby system should anything interrupt your service. Your calls will go through even during a power outage.

Flexibility –

Since STL Fiberco HPBX is a fully-scalable system, your plan can easily evolve with your business, allowing you to pay only for what you need. You can add capacity as your business grows or order new features as they become available. Plus, we offer a variety of equipment and installation options to suit your specific needs.

Total control, wherever you are –

Through STL Fiberco’s HPBX CommPortal web interface, you can control all aspects of your phone service remotely from one secure website. CommPortal allows you to access call logs, control your plan features, view and edit directories, listen to voicemails and even forward messages to email and much more.

Plenty of features –

Your phone system is equipped with all the features your business needs. Including automatic voicemail-to-email forwarding, mobile phone transfer, desktop applications, support for multiple locations under one system and remote system control from anywhere.